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Email Writing Tips

  1. Don’t write a novel. Keep your emails short, but not too short.
  2. Don’t use big words. You may want to impress your prospects with your extensive vocabulary of three-and four-syllable words.
  3. Don’t send emails too frequently. It annoys people and makes your emails more likely to be summarily deleted.
  4. Do have a compelling subject line. “Checking in” won’t get too many prospects excited. On the other hand, a subject line that asks, “Want to know what your competitors are up to?” would surely get me to open an email. It’s intriguing.
  5. Do offer value. Too many of the emails we receive are self-serving.
  6. Do provoke curiosity, wonder, or concern. Most business people are either looking for ways to take advantage of opportunities, or to avoid problems.
  7. Do use numbers. If you can quantify the scope of a problem or opportunity, people can more easily get their hands around it and will be more inclined to take action.

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