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Prospecting Myth 1: ‘One more call to the door next door’

This was the jingle that I often hear during workshops and seminars. The other very popular phrase that is often used to encourage salespeople is ‘See the people, see the people, see the people.’

While these phrases sound logical at first, they do not really work out upon implementation for the majority.

What I discovered over the last 20 years as a practitioner is that cold calling is both unpleasant and laborious. In addition, it can also be annoying to the receiver as well as have a very low closing ratio. So low in fact that the time and cost incurred in generating the commission is not worth doing the work at all.

However, if cold calling works for you, then I suppose you should make more of them.

But most of the time; based upon my interactions with my participants, cold calling aren’t really working that well in the first place. And doing more of what already isn’t working is rather unproductive.

Today when you hear a motivational speaker getting sales people all revved up to go make cold calls and endure rejection, picture this in your mind: 1000 soldiers with sticks and rocks in hand charge valiantly onto a battlefield, where they are cut down with machine guns, tanks and artillery fire – dying in droves.

Actually only a tiny handful of extraordinary, talented warriors will survive by strength, courage and wit. But the odds are heavily tilted against them. Only the very, very best even survive, much less prosper.

If your only weapon in sales is your telephone and your ability to withstand rejection, you’re fighting tanks with sticks. And as the 21st century progresses, the problem’s going to get worse, not better. Today, sales people are being displaced by websites, search engine strategies, social media and emails.

Imagine for a moment that you were a door to door encyclopedia salesperson today; how would you ever compete with Amazon? Impossible. You’d not only starve to death; you also couldn’t possibly provide your customers a similar level of service, convenience or selection.

A person selling books door to door is only slightly different from somebody who sells insurance or telecommunications or any number of other products and services today.

If you are open to considering an alternative, I can guarantee you a method that will increase your productivity 1000 times over, you won’t antagonize your customers in the process and you won’t need those big doses of motivation.

However, don’t just take my word for it! Do attend one of the free previews to this program and you will be amaze at how much you can increase your prospecting effectiveness. Having the most effective communication/marketing tool (or weapon in the event of a war) will be the absolutely most critical decision you will ever make concerning the survival or prosperity of your business.

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