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Prospecting Myth 2: ‘Sales is a Numbers Game’

This would be the first thing I’d say to myself when I woke up each morning.

This phrase gave me ulcers. It caused me to spend untold thousands of hours on the phone, trying to set up appointments. It caused me to spend untold thousands of hours in my car, driving to see anyone who would allow me to walk through their door. It caused me to worry as to when the next unpleasant encounter will arise with an obnoxious prospect.

Here’s the truth:

If you are nothing more than a ‘salesman,’ then nobody wants to see you. Period

Because nobody is ever excited about having an adversarial discussion with you about whether they’re going to buy something or not.

100 years ago, face-to-face selling was often the only way to find out about a new product or service. Not now.

We’ve got a PC right in front of us and a wireless broadband connection – and ANY TIME anyone  wants to know about something, we simply jump right on the Internet and go find out. Just yesterday, my wife and I were discussing housing prices and five minutes later we were surfing a real estate site and learning everything we wanted to know.

Isn’t that a lot faster, easier and safer than inviting a insurance agent over for tea & muffins?

You bet. But please understand, the issue is NOT that insurance agents are obsolete.

The issue is:

  1. Is the Internet working FOR the agent, or AGAINST him/her?
  2. Does the agent add value to what the customer can already get from the Internet? Is he/she positioning herself such that customers who are ready to do something see her as a valuable resource and call her when it’s time to act? Or is she just a friendly face who really just wants their business?

He/She must clearly position herself as someone who drastically speeds the buying or selling process and makes it MUCH EASIER for the buyer to get what they want.
OK. So how do you DEMONSTRATE that you, as a sales person, make your customers’ life easier – that time spent with you is time well spent?

Here’s how: In your marketing, you focus on their problems, not your solution. You focus on the itch, not the scratch.

This might sound simplistic, but even so, hardly anybody really does this. If you doubt me, just pick up ANY magazine and flip through it.

Ask yourself this question as you look at every ad:

‘Is this ad about my problem, or is it about somebody’s product?’

90% of the time it’s about their ‘cool’ product. And nobody really cares. The only thing people care about is their problem.

So here’s a major shift: Instead of being a sales person who’s trying to get in front of people, be a problem solving Information Source. (Usually it’s *written* information first, not a phone call.)

You’ll get five times as many sales leads that way. No joke. And you’ll be more welcome.

After you’ve provided information that helps them solve their problem, the next logical step is for them to meet with you.

They call you first – you don’t call them. And you walk through their door as a problem solver, not a peddler.

I call this ‘Information Marketing.’

It’s THE fundamental concept in my marketing system.

People aren’t interested in your solution. They’re interested in their problem. With the techniques you will learn in this program, your customer’s will be making a beeline to you and your business.

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